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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


nothing to say. just nak cite, tadi tergerak hati nak hanta IM dekat crush. ya Allah, dia nak balas lagi rupanya. serius rasa nak nangis plus terharu sesangat-sangat. serius! rindu sangat dah dekat dia. hanta IM dekat dia. humm. then start laa bace balik IM yang lama dengan dia. 

i start the conversation with hope. and when you rep with the smile, my face smile too, and my tears start to fall :'(

always wanted to ask for your help when im not around, because i know you can always help me :)

i thought you never wanted to know anything about me, but i was wrong. 

and here are some memories of us together for the last one year. just see the date, and you guys know how long already since we last contact. 

i will always remember your favourite 'biskut raya ;)'

i miss the time when im not replying your text messages, you will definitely ask me. why im not replying your text messages :/

and when im not in mood, i will surely off my phone. and at that time, you will ask me why ;)

too much memories with you and that is why i can never forget you dear. always remember the sweet moments with you. watching concerts together, watching final maharaja lawak at the stall together, watch you playing futsal, what else? yaa, school sports day training with you. too much to remeber and i will never deleted all those memories.

i love you , just the way you are =)

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