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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Assalammualaikum. so hi. whatsupp everyone. so why was the topic looks like this post will be pathetic post. hahha. sorry for the broken english. i dont know why the idea for today's entry is on english, and of course with malay words too. its not that I wanna show off sebab tulis english ke apa. the idea was like pufff pass by as fast as lightning. so, shall we start now? okay. lets take a deep breath first. pfffttt

i was stalking someone's blog just now. well, memang itu kerja aku pun, or should I say as my partime hobby. yes it is. well, a couple who already broke up for the second time. I repeat, SECOND TIME. can you just imagine, yang jodoh diorang still ada for the second time. but what to do, it don't last long. I don't know why am I so interested to write about this title. I mean LOVE things. I hate LOVE. nopp, I don't actually hate it. I just give up to fall in love. why? well, its a very long journey of my love stories. 

so the reason why I lost hope on falling in love. just because this one boy. well, I already wrote about him on my past post. that Capital-M remember? neahhh, its okay if you guys don't know about him. let me tell a bit about him. he is not my special boyfriend. and we never declare us as a "pakwe/makwe" we just simply a very close friends. yupp, very close. the story is, I fall in love with him. you guys can't never imagine why am I was so crazy over him. that one, I keep it as a secret.

almost every single things, we share it together. sampaikan, he wants to go for a haircut, still ask for my opinion wether he should cut his hair or not. can you see that yang even benda kecik pun kitorang mesti nak kongsi. and yeahhh, I give him something on the last day of school. a big seashell for him. where did I get those seashell. haha. it was during my holiday with my family at Teluk Cempedak beach, Kuantan. and tak pernah terlintas pun nak cari seashell and bagi dekat dia. know what, it was my mom's idea. haha. 

we was walking at the sea side. and I was like so atrract with this one big seashell. hahaha. neahh, guess what. my mom say this to me for sudden "kaklong, amek neh *while pointing at the seashell that I'm holding* nanti bagi dekat M*******. " then I was like, brrrr ibu kenapa tiba2 cakap pasal dia kan. I was thinking that the seashell for me, nak buat perhiasan dekat dalam bilik. but then, bila ibu cakap macam tuh, so I decided to take it home, and do some decoration on it. 

so, walking at the seaside, and at the same time, we were otp. blergghhh, how sweet kan? jalan dekat tepi pantai, dengar bunyi ombak, sambil have a long talk together. urghhhh! miss him now. so bla bla bla. and our friendship last for 2years. so now, no more him. kenapa? we had a big fight on 5th december. hmm, my mistake. cannot lower down my ego, like seriously I can't. dia pujuk for few days, pujuk pujuk dan terus pujuk. but still, me with my ego. argghhh! stupid me for behaving like that.

and starting that day, whenever Ifall in love with any boys, it can't never last long. well, ibu said "hati dah dekat orang lain, mana nak terima orang lain" see, even my mom know what I feel. my maksu, "takkan boleh suka orang lain, dah kalau hati tak belajar terima"  see, all this says make me think. what am I acting like this.  eh tapi betul tau, whenever I try to love them, I can't. even if I try and flirt with any boys, tak lama pun. sekejap jee rasa suka. sebab. haihhh, entah laa kenapa kan. I don't even know why. so stop ask me whatever question that relates to him. 

so, finally. aku decide nak stay normal. I mean, life without love, without being a couple to any boy. but just this one boy, will make my heart melt. and plus, Asraf Haziq Ahmad Azni, he's the only one boy yang dekat dgn aku sekarang. my "teman tapi mesra" so with him, the term DyanAsraf appear. neahh, he said tis to me on 23rd August 2012 "sayang, you're mine and will always be mine" so I guess, he's the only boy that I will fall in love to  selain dari M*******. since that me and Asraf are friends dari kecik. since we're in the tadika lagi laa kan.

so I guess, sampai sini jee laa kot. dah berapa kali aku stop then sambung balik neh haa. hahaha. banyak sangat yang mendatang. well, hanya mampu sabar. I'm a superwoman! I can be tough, I can be strong. but with you, its not like that at all. okay lirik lagu tuh k. hahaha. so happy reading. Assalammualaikum.

i love you , just the way you are =)

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