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Thursday, April 18, 2013


assalammualaikum. ouh hallo there. ssup? I have no specific reason why am I writing this entry for tonight. I just feel like typing few words, expressions of my feeling what exactly my hearts feel at the moment. or what I actually feel after November 21st last year. yupp, November 21st, my birthday. I feel like blogging cause I think I tweet too much on twitter. nahhhh twitter only gives me 140 words to express my feeling when I'm actually have thousand of words to express my feelings now. so I decide to be here, on my blog.

well if you understand what I feel at the moment. nopp. no one could understand. its only between me and Him. I have tons of words just now, but then I log in my blog, I've lost my words. where could it be. to be frank, I'm actually not sure why am I here. ya Allah, too much to say and I can't arrange my sentences properly. if you know what I mean. as for now, I would say, I just stop hoping, I stop falling in love. cause I believe the true love itself will come to us, we don't have to search for it.

after the 21st November tragedy, my heart feel nothing anymore towards love or any relationship. I'm living my life like usual. I don't need any boyfriend love, infact my phone is not giving any sound anymore. I admit, I have one now, but this one will be the last one. I've promised to myself, this one gentleman will be the last one. cause I cant stand any heartbroken anymore. this 23y/o man tend to make me realize, I should be nature enough to think of everything. 

I should realize I'm already 19 this year, so I should stop crying and be strong for my family. nahhh all these thing won't make me happier, I feel bad each time I fail to remain any relationship. it will never last longer. I'm laughing now because I find the happiness when I'm with my friends. Alhamdulillah, I'm better now. 

i love you , just the way you are =)

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