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Saturday, July 4, 2015


Alhamdulillah I'm still alive & still have time for you blog. Actually I do have time, I just don't feel like updating any. Which mean, I'm very busy with my life I guees so lah. Greetig you all from my college & its been 7 months now since my last update here, my last post I mean. dah 2015 dah pun.

Alhamdulillah I'm finally in my second year, first sem. second year habis dalam bulan 12, hujung tahun ni lah kira nya.  I have nothing to tell you guys actually, got nothing to share to since aku tak tahu apa aku nak tulis.

Second year for degree are seriously killing me. Lagi sekarang tengah short sem. Semua benda nak rushing. mana assignments lagi, test lagi dengan hari tu lambat register, dah tinggal lab class lagi, nak kejar lab class tu lagi *sigh* tambah lagi dengan masalah-masalah lain.

Few short stories in 2015 (its not in sequence, please mind the mistakes I've made. I'm sorry), starting from the newest one happened, I lost my uncle whom I call him ayah de. Accident. A serious one. He died at the scene. Al-Fatihah.

My aunt, she's now fighting with leukemia. cancer. blood cancer. I visited her at the Kuantan Hospital once last month (I'm not sure) & I received a new news from my uncle telling that she's in critical phase. Probably admitted to the ICU (hopefully not)

Hmm what else? Oh, all my housemates (nana, sara & isma) finished their studies. I'm left with my roomate (haliana) now & she also left with final sem this coming July. Alhamdulillah, they passed their LJM examination with flying colors. I'm both happy & sad. Happy because they finally finished their studies & will start a new phase in their life, sad because I'll have no more sisters in the same house with me to fight with, to scream at each other, eat together & tell stories. They are simply in my body. We've become one. Its 3 years friendship that I couldn't hold my tears from falling during our last gathering on June 16. I wish you guys a happy life, blessed one. Amin.

Alhamdulillah, I can now go through those hardship with my family besides me, my bestfriends, my roomate, my housemates, my love. I have all their strength with me. I'm truly blessed.

That's all for today. I bet you'll see my nexy post when I'm done with degree haha. Till we met again.

Lots of love;
Diana Alias 

i love you , just the way you are =)

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